Request for Qualifications

Statement of Interest and Qualifications

Snake River Water District, Summit County, Colorado


for a Water Treatment Facility in Keystone, Colorado

June 29, 2018



The Snake River Water District (“SRWD”) is soliciting statements of interest with a summary of qualifications and experience from qualified and experienced managerial entities or individuals for the provision of project management services as the SRWD representative overseeing a project to build a new water treatment facility.  Services to be provided include all general project management services, including but not limited to the following:  selection of design engineers, coordination of design process, selection of general contractor, budget development, time estimations, coordination of governmental approvals, and oversight of demolition, construction, and installation of equipment.



The Snake River Water District (“SRWD”) is a quasi-municipal corporation, and a political subdivision of the State of Colorado, created pursuant to Title 32, Article 1, Colorado Revised Statutes. The Snake River Water District is located in Summit County, Colorado, with a business location of 50 Oro Grande Dr, Dillon, CO 80435 and a mailing address of P.O. Box 2595. Dillon, CO 80435-2595.  The SRWD’s primary function is to provide domestic water service, fire protection and own and maintain facilities to operate a potable water supply for the inhabitants in and around the Snake River Basin in Keystone, Colorado.  The SRWD provides a potable water supply to hundreds of constituents.  No habitable building or building to be used for trade, commerce or industry shall be constructed within the boundaries of the SRWD unless connected to the District System.




The objective of the request is to select a highly-qualified consultant to manage a special project for the District involving the planning and construction of a new water treatment facility.   The review of the Request for Qualifications documentation submitted, including the proposal narrative, which is a necessary element of the proposal, and interviews of all such applicants, will serve as the basis for selection.

An agreement shall be prepared for the Construction Manager, and while certain elements of the agreement may be subject to modification by means of negotiation, the model form developed by the SRWD shall be the expected format for such agreement in most regards.  The Request for Qualifications document is not intended to completely define the selection or contractual relationship to be entered into by the SRWD and the successful firm.

The “Scope of Work” requirements are in essence for the provision of professional oversight and services for the SRWD.  All applicants must be prepared to discuss an estimated project services fee range, a proposed hourly rate and other expenses, as well as the potential for a flat fee or percentage based fee.  Such fee matters shall be addressed in any applicant’s submittals to the District, for the District Administrator’s review and consideration during the selection process. A final “Scope of Work” and “Fee Schedule” will be negotiated and agreed upon by the selected firm and the SRWD during fee negotiations.

The term of the agreement will be for the duration of the water treatment facility project.



Respondents should address each of the items listed below and provide specific examples of the background, projects, and experience they have undertaken that demonstrate their qualifications:

  • Two (2) copies of the proposal including name, address, and phone number of project personnel and their experience.
  • General Approach to Services Provided: Provide a narrative or other form to explain your intended approach to the services required, including management philosophy, suggestions for efficient construction, and project management methodologies and tools.
  • Experience with Construction Management Projects: Identify your overall experience providing owner representation during the design and construction of buildings, your familiarity and experience with local governmental procedures and regulations regarding planning and approvals, interactions with state agencies such as the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Summit County Government. Specify your particular background dealing with similar projects, including your background working with developers and owners and other contractors in the Snake River Basin area of Summit County, and working on issues and projects related to water districts.
  • Schedule and Budget Constraints: Provide a generalized fee schedule to provide services and monthly rates in advance of defining the scope of work.
  • Familiarity with the Keystone and Summit County: Provide a narrative describing familiarity with Keystone, Summit County and the government offices and people in this region.
  • Legal Issues: Are any lawsuits threatened or pending against you, your firm or its officers at this time? Are there any federal, state or local tax liens, or any potential claims or liabilities pending against you, your firm or the officers of the firm at this time? If yes, please explain.
  • List of professional references.  A focus on local references is preferable but is not required.



All responses will be reviewed by the SRWD management and/or representatives, and any other review as determined to be necessary. Firms may be asked to supplement their initial responses with additional written material. The SRWD may short-list respondents based upon an evaluation of the written submittals. The SRWD may at its discretion then arrange for in-person interviews with some or all of the firms.

The SRWD reserves the right to award this agreement to the firm that demonstrates the best ability to fulfill the requirements for services.  The SRWD reserves all rights, in the exercise of its sole and absolute discretion, to reject any and all bids without regard to the relative cost of such bid in relation to others.

The firm selected will be given the first right to negotiate an agreement acceptable to the SRWD. In the event that an agreement satisfactory to the SRWD cannot be reached, the SRWD may enter into negotiations with one or more of the remaining firms, or to advertise a new RFQ and solicit additional proposals. The successful firm shall commence work only after execution of an acceptable agreement and approval of insurance certificates. The successful firm will perform all services indicated in the proposal in compliance with the negotiated agreement.



The SRWD reserves the right to accept or reject all or portions of any or all Statement of Qualifications, to waive irregularities and technicalities, to re-advertise, or to proceed to provide the services otherwise, in the best interest of the SRWD. The SRWD may, at is sole discretion, modify or amend any and all provisions herein. The SRWD will not pay for any information herein requested, nor is it liable for any costs incurred those responding to this request.

The SRWD reserves the right to extend the Statement of Qualifications submittal date if needed.

All changes and/or clarifications will be distributed to all firms indicating interest in the form of addenda. Upon closing of the proposal acceptance stage, a list of firms and others who have been issued Request for Qualification documents will be made available upon request.



Prior to the commencement of performance, the successful firm shall furnish to the SRWD a certificate of insurance for workers’ compensation, automobile, commercial general and professional liability, (errors and omissions) with professional liability limits of not less than $1,000,000.



Any questions related to this request must be directed to the SRWD counsel:  the law office of Timberline Partners LLC, c/o Daniel Teodoru, 210 South Ridge Street, Breckenridge, Colorado, 80424, (970) 455-4656, or by email to  Inquiries must be made in writing and submitted no later than Friday, July 13, 2018. Questions answered verbally will be followed up by written addenda as deemed necessary; oral interpretations shall have no effect.



All submittals should include a statement signed by respondent as follows:

  • The individual and/or entity submitting this Statement of Qualifications acknowledges the right of the SRWD in its sole discretion to reject any or all proposals submitted, and that any award may be made in the sole discretion of the SRWD.
  • The individual and/or entity submitting this Statement of Qualifications acknowledge and agree that the discretion of the SRWD in selection of the successful respondent shall be final, not subject to review or attack and acknowledge that the submittal is made in full knowledge of the foregoing and in full agreement thereto.
  • By submission of a Statement of Qualifications, the individual and/or entity submitting this statement acknowledge that the SRWD has the right to make inquiry or investigations it deems appropriate to substantiate or supplement information contained in the Statement of Qualifications or related documents

All proposals shall be sealed, and delivered and received by Friday, July 20, 2018, 3:00p.m. at the law office of Timberline Partners LLC, c/o Daniel Teodoru, 210 South Ridge Street, Breckenridge, Colorado, 80424.  Proposals may be sent via US Mail, FedEx, UPS, or hand delivered. Faxed or emailed proposals will not be accepted. Proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee. The SRWD reserves the right to waive irregularities or reject any or all proposals.


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