Fee and Rate Schedule

Water Rates

Base Service Rate: Each EQR (single family residential equivalent, 3 bedrooms or less) is assessed a base service rate of $81.54 per quarter. No additional charge is assessed, if the water usage per quarter per EQR is less than 15,000 gallons.

Usage Rates (excluding irrigation meters): In an effort to promote conservation of the District’s water, the following two-tiered usage rate has been adopted for usage that exceeds 15,000 per EQR per quarter.

WATER USED PER QUARTER PER EQR – 15,000 TO 35,000 gal RATE ASSESSED $3.89 per 1,000 gal
WATER USED PER QUARTER PER EQR – Over 35,000 gal RATE ASSESSED $5.02 per 1,000 gal

Usage Rates for Irrigation Taps and Meters: While no base rate applies, all water provided to irrigation taps and meters is assessed at a rate of $5.02 per 1,000 gallons.


At the time a building permit is issued, the District assesses “Tap Fees” to compensate the District for all capital costs associated with expanding the District’s water delivery system. Tap fees must be paid for all new building permits, any change of a structures use and any remodeling of an existing structure. Appendix A of the District’s Rules and Regulations provides detailed information on how these Tap Fees are assessed.

The Tap Fee is, $8,500 per EQR.


The Snake River Water District (SRWD) Board of Directors has instructed staff to review the property profile whenever events occur such as a REMODEL or a PROPERTY OWNERSHIP CHANGE.

The EQR accuracy is our goal.

The SRWD Rules and Regulations clearly define EQR values for bedrooms, hot tubs, etc.  Please refer to Article III, Section 10 and Appendix A of the SRWD Rules & Regulations which can be found on this website.  At the top menu bar select “Documents”, then “Rules and Regulations”

If the current inclusions are more than established previously with SRWD, the Owner/Seller will pay the difference in tap fees prior to Building Permit signoff or prior to Closing, and the quarterly water user fees will be adjusted going forward.

To complete the review, staff will schedule a walkthrough, as needed, with the contractor, agent, or owner.  If the owner does not agree with the assessment of the correct EQR, the owner can request a conversation with our District Administrator.

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