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The Snake River Water District is committed to providing high quality water to both existing and future customers in a cost- effective and professional manner.

The Snake River Water District is a quasi-municipal corporation and a political subdivision of the State of Colorado. It was created, pursuant to state law, under Title 32, Article I of the Colorado Revised Statutes. The District provides water to properties in the Keystone Resort area including the Base I, Base II, Base III and Base IV areas. The District is located along Highway 6; it begins approximately 0.4 miles east of the intersection of Highway 6 and Swan Mountain road, and continues along Highway 6 to the Montezuma Road exit, including properties along Montezuma Road, approximately one mile east of the intersection. The service area includes Ski Tip Ranch, the River Run and Mountain House Base Areas for the Keystone Ski Area, the Keystone River Golf Course, club house and condominiums, along with numerous hotels, condominiums, employee housing, commercial and single family residences.

The District was created on the 11th of August 1982 by the District Court in and for Summit County, Colorado. The formation was a result of rapid development of properties in the area in the early 1980’s that were outside of the private system that was owned and operated by Keystone Resort. Keystone Resort was approached by a private consortium of developers to participate in a water District that would serve the entire Keystone area. At the time, the private Keystone water system was well developed and had adequate water rights, supply, storage and distribution lines to serve the majority of properties being developed by the Keystone Resort. The new District, originating from the private Keystone system from the 1980’s, now provides domestic water service, fire protection and owns and maintains facilities to operate a potable water supply for the inhabitants and commercial development in and around the Snake River.

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